Does My Child Have Autism?

Do you have concerns about your child, but aren’t sure whether you should get it checked out?

Consider this (click to view the full poster):


If you are seeing that your child is NOT doing the things you would expect for a child of his or her age, particularly in the areas of communication (nonverbal and verbal), play, and interacting with familiar people, it’s best to seek a referral.  Your doctor or pediatrician can do that for you.

If it turns out your child just needed more time, nothing is lost.  If they do need support, you’ll have the diagnosis, which opens the door to services and supports to help you and your child.

In the meantime, the strategies in this website and the resources we recommend can only help – they are beneficial for every child.  You can begin implementing strategies to support your child’s growth right away.

You can read more about the process of diagnosis here.

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