DIR Stage 5 At a Glance: Words, Ideas and Imagination

This post is part of a series, taking a quick look at each of the developmental capacities as described by Stanley Greenspan and Serena Wieder in their DIR/Floortime framework.  As a child grows, they add new skills to what they learned in the previous stages.  You can find the list of related posts here. After children have become comfortable with interactive […]

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Ask A Consultant: Does RDI Help with Difficult Behaviors?

“My child does some things that really disrupt our family life, and I need some help quickly.  Does RDI help with difficult behaviors?  Or is it mostly just about learning life skills?” RDI is a family-based intervention that addresses Autism’s core deficits. Autism is mainly a mental processing disorder, but it can come with a variety of secondary symptoms, usually […]

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Help! My Child is Regressing! – On Autistic Burnout and How to Manage It

Baden is the president of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network of Winnipeg, and writes from the perspective of a person with autism. This post provides advice that parents may find useful as the school year wraps up. In my time interacting with parents of autistic children, there is one question I have seen more than almost any other: parents panicked by […]

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