Getting Started – The Floortime Repository

The Floortime Repository ( is a social network created for parents and professionals who want to share ideas for engagement, and collaborate on educational goals and strategies using the DIR Floortime model. Anyone can join, and use the resources available there. To whet your appetite, here is a home program guide written by parents for parents getting started in DIR/Floortime […]

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Floortime Props and How to Organize Them

In the beginning, finding activities to do for Floortime is easy since it is the child who chooses the activity.  You are then looking to keep engagement and open and close as many circles of communication.   Following the child’s lead is really important especially while the child is becoming more self-regulated.  When that time comes, as it has for my […]

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Meltdowns and the Senses: The Two Go Hand and Hand

Recently, I noticed my five year old daughter was not screaming and going into meltdown frenzy when I would vacuum. In the beginning, having the vacuum out and getting ready to clean would send my daughter into an instant meltdown. For the last four years, I was only able to vacuum when my husband took her for a walk or […]

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