Friday Features: November 10, 2017

Today’s topics: transition seminars, grant money for special needs kids, and talking to Premier Pallister about disability supports.

Seminars: Transition From School to Community

Inclusion Winnipeg, Continuity Care, and Innovative LIfe Options are presenting two evening seminars: the first on November 16 to discuss the process of moving from school to adult life for people who may need support.  A second seminar on Employment and Income Assistance for persons with disabilities will be held on November 28.  Both are free, but require registration.

Grant Money Available!

Variety Children’s Charity is hoping to grow the reach of their Special Needs Program.  They can provide funding to children living with special needs whose families may need assistance purchasing items, equipment or services.

Examples include hearing aids, eyeglasses, assistive technology, speech therapy lessons, specialized strollers, wheelchair ramps, music therapy lessons, wheelchair lifts and more.  This year they plan to award over $200,000 to help supply children with the equipment and services they need.

Click here for further information.

#ShowUsASign: Will Our Provincial Government Maintain Services for People with Disabilities?

On November 21 the Province of Manitoba is expected to deliver its annual Throne speech. Abilities Manitoba is hoping for a sign that services for persons with intellectual disabilities will not be de-stabilized.  Can you add your voice to their advocacy efforts, and ask the province to “show us a sign” that they are committed to our interests by doing one of the following:

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