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Autism Seminar Information

MATC Neurodevelopmental Autism Services will be offering several seminars over the course of the 2014-2015 school year which are briefly described below.  More detailed information and registration forms can be found in the seminar brochures which are linked to their titles.

Seminars are open to the general public.  Parents, grandparents, respite workers, social workers, teachers, educational assistants, therapists, clinicians…anyone who interacts with a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder would benefit from attending.  Please pass on this information to anyone that you think would be interested.

The fee for each workshop is $10 per participant.  One registration form must be completed for each participant.  If paying for multiple participants with one cheque, please indicate which seminar and which registrants are covered by that payment.  Substitutions are permitted; however there are no refunds.

*Participants MUST register with payment for their spot to be reserved.  To avoid disappointment, please register early, as spots are limited and tend to fill up quickly. 


Beyond the Basics: Visuals, Communication, and Self-Regulation

LOCATION: United Way 580 Main Street

DATE: Friday October 10, 2014

TIME: 8:45am-3:30pm

Morning:  Visual Strategies and Communication

CONTENT: Whether verbal or non-verbal, individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder are visual learners, and using visual strategies on a daily basis enriches their lives.

Participants will learn about a variety of visual tools for all skill levels.  Tips on how to successfully implement visual tools will be shared. Using visual strategies enhances comprehension, receptive and expressive communication, educational participation, self‐regulation and much more.

Afternoon: Self-Regulation

CONTENT: This session is designed for all working within the educational system.  It will clearly explain self-regulation/executive functions and how it develops across the five domains: biological, emotional, social, cognitive, and pro-social.  We will discuss factors affecting typical growth and strategies to develop greater self-regulation in a school setting.


Building Connections

LOCATION: United Way 580 Main Street

DATE: Monday November 17, 2014

TIME: 8:45am-3:30pm

CONTENT: This seminar explores the core deficits of Autism Spectrum Disorder from a developmental perspective.  Adults who live and work with children with ASD will learn the importance of taking on the role of a guide to target the core deficits and work to build the foundational skills that are required for children to be able to learn, socialize, and function in their daily routines.  Session participants will learn ways to guide children to experience meaningful connections in their exploration and participation in the social world.  Strategies and techniques to develop the child’s ability to self-regulate, think, learn, and problem solve will be explored.   The seminar will include lecture, group activities, and video review


Beyond the Basics: Reading Writing & Executive Functioning

LOCATION: United Way 580 Main Street

DATE: Friday January 16, 2015

TIME: 8:45am-3:30pm

CONTENT: Do you work with a student who refuses to write? Do you know a student who can decode at grade level but does not comprehend what they read? This seminar will not only look at the reasons why writing and reading comprehension can be so challenging for students with ASD, but also will provide some ideas and strategies to try with your student.


School Age Seminars

LOCATION: Manitoba Education Building

DATES: Tuesday/Wednesday January 27 & 28, 2015

TIME: 8:45am-3:30pm

CONTENT: A multi-disciplinary team presents on a variety of topics related to Autism Spectrum Disorders.  This 2-day workshop covers tons of information on the “basics” of each topic.  A resource manual is also provided that includes a book list and a variety of strategies to use at home, in the classroom, and in the community.  Topics addressed include diagnosis, co-occurring disorders, treatment options, family impact and perspective, social development, communication, sensory processing, self-regulation, learning and classroom strategies, anxiety, challenging behaviour, and much more


Beyond the Basics: Sexuality, Puberty & Self-Care Skills

LOCATION: United Way 580 Main Street

DATE: Thursday February 12, 2015

TIME: 8:45am-3:30pm

CONTENT: This presentation will provide information, strategies, and ideas regarding issues that affect adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder relating to sexuality, puberty, and hygiene.


Tackling the Extreme Symptoms of ASD

LOCATION: United Way 580 Main Street

DATE: Wednesday March 5, 2015

TIME: 8:45am-3:30pm

CONTENT: The goal of this seminar is to provide participants an opportunity to gain insight into dealing with some of the more extreme symptoms of ASD. Participants will explore how adults impact a child’s challenging behaviours. Presenters will review strategies for building effective relationships and structuring daily routines. Discussions will also include appropriate prompting and communication strategies.

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