PLAY Project Workshop Coming to Winnipeg!

If you’re interested in developmental therapies in general, and DIR/Floortime in particular, you might have heard of the PLAY Project.  It’s a DIR-based program in Michigan, run under the leadership of Richard Solomon.  This video provides a sense of what the program is like.

The PLAY Project recently completed a three‐year trial looking at 128 children in five different settings.  This large scale study focused on the impact of their autism intervention: a parent-implemented play and relationship focused program.  Significant improvements were noted in:

  • caregiver/parent and child interaction
  • social interaction of children with autism
  • social-emotional development of children with autism
  • autism symptomatology


The Health Services Centre in Winnipeg is proud to be hosting a two-day training workshop in Winnipeg! This interactive group learning experience will be facilitated by Richard Solomon, MD, autism expert and developmental and behavioral pediatrician, along with the PLAY Project Team. The seminar is open to special and general educators, teacher assistants, clinicians, social workers, psychologists, program administrators, and caregivers, parents and other family members.  The goal of the workshop is to teach how to create a profile for a child based on sound developmental principles, develop your skills in play-based techniques for engaging children with autism and other developmental delays, and more.

Want more information on whether this program is right for you?  A free webinar providing more information will be offered on September 16 and again on November 16.  Signup information for that webinar is here.

If you’re interested, check out this flyer or the PLAY Program website, and mark your calendar for Thursday and Friday, April 14-15, 2016.

Registration is open.

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