Preschool Resources

If your child is diagnosed before they enter school, there are several developmental programs available.

Autism Outreach

(Winnipeg and Rural Manitoba)

The Autism Outreach program in Manitoba uses DIR/Floortime as a resource, as well as other approaches including behavioral therapies such as the Early Start Denver Model.  It’s an eclectic program that might look different according to the therapist’s background and family needs and requests.



The Rehabilitation Centre for Children at SSCY offers the Relate program for parents of children on the autism spectrum, based on RDI (Relationship Development Intervention).  RDI® is a parent-based intervention program where parents are provided with the tools to teach their children motivation, friendship, empathy and enjoyment in sharing experiences with others.  Seminars for parents and for professionals are also offered.  For more information about the program or how to apply, call SSCY at (204) 452-4311.

The Hanen Centre’s More Than Words

The Hanen Centre’s More Than Words® program teaches parents how to help their children build social and language skills. It addresses the needs of children up to age 5 who have Autism and other social communication difficulties. Children who benefit range from those who do not yet communicate intentionally to those who have short conversations.

In More Than Words, parents attend eight group training sessions led by a speech-language pathologist.  More Than Words is offered occasionally by SSCY, other agencies, or privately.