School-Age Family Resources

Depending on their preschool program, when a child enters the school system supports change in varying degrees.  The Autism Outreach program ends its consultative school support at around grade 1.  The Relate Program can follow children with limited support into the teen years.

Other resources for school-age children include:

MATC -Mental Health Services for Children, Youth and Families
Phone: (204)958 – 9660

Central Intake for Child and Adolescent Mental Health – for families who have children with mental health concerns (Autism is a Mental health diagnosis). Call to indicate your concerns if your child is having difficulties with home functioning, school functioning or needs a medical consultation with a psychiatrist. Expect to call and leave a message and someone from the intake office will get back to you.

If your family is a client of MATC your child may be able to access summer groups, and parents can access a parent support group.

 Open Access Resource Centre
316 Tache Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R2H 2A4
Phone: (204)-949-2430

Provides communication supports for children with speech delays.


If your child is in school, make sure you check with your school’s resource teacher to find out if there are any available supports that you might not yet know about.