For Educators

There are many schools (both preschool and elementary)  in Winnipeg who are using a developmental approach and have been trained  in strategies to support their students’ growth through the Autism Outreach program.

We are currently planning our second event for teachers to share strategies and encourage networking among teachers, to be held in the spring of 2014.  Watch for further news!

We also encourage teachers to investigate the 3-Block Model of UDL, which is an approach to inclusion supported by the Manitoba Teacher’s Society and Manitoba Education.  It’s principles and strategies for creating social and academic inclusion dovetail very well with DIR, RDI, and the developmental perspective on autism.


Resources for Educators

A list of books and websites that are helpful to teachers wanting to take a developmental approach.

Floortime Goes to School

What can – and does – DIR look like in the classroom?

Inclusion and Universal Design

The connection between UDL and developmental approaches to autism.