Best Playgrounds in Winnipeg

Outdoor play is good for kids.  It’s a natural form of exercise, it encourages kids to stretch their capabilities, physically and in their imaginations.  Being outdoors helps with sensory and emotional regulation.  Playgrounds provide settings that facilitate interaction and communication, as well. It’s good for parents to be outside too, providing a break in home routines and an opportunity for […]

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Getting Out There: RDI in the Summertime

Originally published on RDI Connect. Those of us raising children in Canada are keenly aware of and attuned to the seasons and their impact on the flow of our daily lives. There is nothing like living through a harsh, bitterly cold winter, then being able to throw off our winter boots and mitts on the first warm, sweet spring day. When the temperatures […]

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New Support for Young Adults with Autism

Building Independence Pilot Project:  a new Manitoba initiative providing pre-employment preparation services to youth and adults on the autism spectrum will allow them to develop greater independence and self-sufficiency in their daily lives. This project was developed to address a gap in services and supports for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder who struggle to gain skills necessary for work and […]

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