Good Places to Give

There are times when we all want to give back. And there are a lot of autism-related charities. Where do you start?

Supporting a local charity means your money goes to children in the community where you live. There are a couple of local charities that we should all keep in mind:

Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation

Do you know a child who has benefited from the RELATE or LIFE programs at the Rehabilitation Centre for Children?

There is a way to donate money so that your funds go directly to one or both of those programs – and you get a tax deductible receipt for doing it!

You can donate online at this link.  On the form, there is a box where you can request that your money will go to a specific program.  Or if you prefer to donate on the phone, in person, or by mailing a cheque, you can still tell them where you want your money to go.

Variety: The Children’s Charity of Manitoba

Variety does a lot of things for children in need in Manitoba and elsewhere. Variety’s Special Needs Program provides support to children and their families by covering costs related to specialized equipment, supplies, and services not covered by any other source. Their help has made a world of difference to a lot of children with autism! You can learn more about opportunities to volunteer and ways to give on their website.

The Dream Factory

Sometimes kids with autism get really sick, just as any child might. The Dream Factory is a Manitoba-based charity dedicated to fulfilling dreams for kids who are battling life-threatening illnesses. It exists to be a source of joy, laughter and hope for kids and families in our province going through an incredibly difficult experience.

All of the funds raised by The Dream Factory stay in this province to help sick kids in our community and their families. You can find out how to give on their website.

Donating to programs we value sends a powerful message that they should continue to be available, and gives them a chance to help more people!

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