Thoughts About Autism

Just before April started, the website The Art of Autism posted a list of 84 or so favorite quotes about autism.  Many of them were written by people with autism.  It is a great list.

I thought that in honor of autism acceptance, this might be an opportunity to play with one of the other things I’m interested in: sketchnoting.  Sketchnoting is simply putting ideas into a visual combination of images and text.  It’s not meant to be elaborate, but simply to help people remember and make connections.  It’s also been an effective communication strategy for people with autism.

We’re halfway through April, and here are some of the quotes that caught my attention.  A couple are from other sources, but most are from The Art of Autism’s list.  The rest will be added to our Facebook and Twitter feeds and archived on Pinterest.

If you have any favorite autism quotes, please add them in the comments!

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