Inclusive Education Resources

Once your child is in school, how do you know what you should expect?  Sometimes problems arise.  Where do you go for advice?

There are several made-in-Manitoba documents that exist to help parents know what to expect from their child’s school, and how to effectively resolve problems that arise.

A Parent’s Guide to Inclusive EducationCommunity Living Manitoba

Community Living Manitoba has created a guide to what you should see teachers doing to support all of the students in their classroom, and how extra levels of support should work.

(Note: the funding model is expected to change in a year or two.)

Also, Inclusion Winnipeg and Brandon Community Living offer advocacy support for parents. Check their websites for more information.

Empowering Parents: A Guide to Addressing Concerns in Manitoba Schools Manitoba Association of Parent Councils

This is a very well-written document to explain the process of addressing problems.

Manitoba Education has a website explaining student services as well as many documents related to supporting students with support needs.  Three documents of particular interest:

It helps to know the way things are supposed to work.  It also helps to know where to find help when things aren’t going right.  These resources are a good place to start.



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