Mabel’s Labels Fundraiser

Our kids are always losing things, and then looking blankly at us when we ask where their lunch containers went.  So we thought we’d address the issue for ourselves, and maybe also provide a useful product and raise a little money at the same time.

ADAPT is running a Mabel’s Labels fundraiser! We’ve tested their products and are quite impressed.  After 3 years of running through the dishwasher, the labels are still stuck on those lunch containers (the ones we still have, anyway).  Keychain tags, shoe labels, and iron on labels are also still where they belong after lengthy use.  So we’re confident this is a good investment.

Here’s how you can order:

Step 1: visit the website,, click the “Support A Fundraiser” button located on the top of your screen, and then select “ADAPT (Winnipeg)” from the drop-down list.


Step 2: Once your organization has been selected, you will be directed to a landing page that will say “ADAPT (Winnipeg) Welcomes You To Our Page. Click here to buy.”

fundraiser 2

Step 3:  Go ahead and press the pink “Click here to buy” button. Now, you have entered the shopping part of the website and are crediting your order to our campaign. How can you tell? Your Organization/Campaign Name will be listed on the top left of the screen.

You can pay directly for your order, and it will be sent directly to you – ADAPT will not see any of your information, but we will be grateful for your contribution to keeping our website up and planning for future events.

Enjoy, and thank you!

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