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For the last two years, ADAPT’s goal has been to raise awareness that children with autism and their families are diverse.
When children are diagnosed, they are put on a wait list for access to a family services worker (who acts as a guide to services), and occupational, speech, and physical therapy.
They are also offered a choice of autism-specific programs – St. Amant’s autism programs, and Autism Outreach run by Family Services.  (A newer option is the Relate program run through the Rehabilitation Centre for Children, but it is not autism-specific).
The programs are very different in approach with respect to beliefs about learning and development.  Most parents choose the one that fits their parenting style and needs the best.  But the programs are not at all alike in terms of duration.
Both support families.
Both support school staff.
One ends in Kindergarten.  The other may go to grade five.
So we propose a program like Autism Outreach that would support children in their families and schools with expertise until they don’t need it any more.  Even having someone to call and ask a question would make a big difference.
Will you send this postcard to the premier of Manitoba?
Send us your address, and we’ll make sure you get one.
It’s about supporting inclusive education.

It’s about supporting families.
Most of all, it’s about supporting our kids.

 Postcard Campaign 2


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