Summer Planning

 Summer has finally come, and many of us are thinking about how to make the summer days both fun and productive. Here are three principles that will guide our family’s summertime choices: 1.  Build on Their Interests When our kids are interested in something, they’re often really interested.  This can either be a problem or an opportunity.  Paula Kluth’s book […]

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Speech in Motion Equals Connected Kids

The book by America X Gonzalez, Lois Jean Brady and Jim Elliot, Speech in Action: Interactive Activities Combining Speech Language Pathology and Adaptive Physical Education gives parents and support staff plenty of activities which compliment nicely with Floortime fundamentals to bring together language and movement. What is Speech in Action? Speech in Action is a combination of speech therapy and […]

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Floortime Props and How to Organize Them

In the beginning, finding activities to do for Floortime is easy since it is the child who chooses the activity.  You are then looking to keep engagement and open and close as many circles of communication.   Following the child’s lead is really important especially while the child is becoming more self-regulated.  When that time comes, as it has for my […]

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