Welcome to Manitoba Families for Floortime!

hManitoba Families for Floortime is a group of parents who believe that families should be the ones to decide on the best approach to supporting the growth of their children with autism – and choices should exist with reasonable resources to equip them to be effective.

In particular, our goal is to provide information about developmental approaches to autism therapy in Manitoba, which are often overlooked by governments and can be harder to research.

Research and experience both indicate that developmental approaches (in Manitoba, represented by DIR/Floortime and RDI) are effective in supporting the growth of social skills and communication.

We aim to be a source of information and mutual support for parents interested in developmental therapies, and to raise awareness of the existing programs in the broader community.

Our Goals:

Information and Support for Families:

  • To provide information about developmental programs and approaches to parents of children with autism
  • To provide information about other services and resources that support the development of children on the autism spectrum
  • To create opportunities for parents of autistic children to make connections and offer mutual support

Public Education:

  • To build awareness of the benefits and research support for DIR/Floortime, RDI and related therapies
  • To promote continued provincial support for the Preschool Autism Outreach and Relate programs

Support for Educators:

  • To encourage access to developmental training and support for school-age children and their teachers
  • To provide information for parents and educators about effective educational strategies, planning and support needs for autistic children


We are a volunteer organization, and have no connection, financial or otherwise, to any other organizations except participation in the programs offered and an interest in their activities.  Any expenses we incur are paid out of our personal resources.