The Whole Child: What Parents Need to Know About Floortime

When our children were diagnosed with autism, we found out why they responded to the world in the ways they did. After the diagnosis, it seemed my husband and I asked ourselves two questions: What do we do now? And which program do we choose? Many sites on the internet did not paint a picture of hope that our children […]

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Meltdowns and the Senses: The Two Go Hand and Hand

Recently, I noticed my five year old daughter was not screaming and going into meltdown frenzy when I would vacuum. In the beginning, having the vacuum out and getting ready to clean would send my daughter into an instant meltdown. For the last four years, I was only able to vacuum when my husband took her for a walk or […]

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Welcome to Manitoba Families for Floortime!

hManitoba Families for Floortime is a group of parents who believe that families should be the ones to decide on the best approach to supporting the growth of their children with autism – and choices should exist with reasonable resources to equip them to be effective. In particular, our goal is to provide information about developmental approaches to autism therapy […]

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